As a newcomer, the ethereum ecosystem can be little overwhelming. There are many new concepts to learn and a lot of the developer tooling is still in its infancy. While some great sources of information and great developer tools exist, it can be hard to navigate the different options.

The purpose of this book is to describe the tools we're using to work with the ethereum ecosystem and how we use them.

This book is primarily meant to be resource for developers working at Magmo. We've decided to open source it (a) in case it's useful to other teams in the community and (b) so we can more easily gather feedback from the community to improve our approach.

The book isn't meant to be an authoritative "this is how you should do it" type work but more of a "here are some things we found that worked and here are some problems we're still having". Please use with caution and let us know if you can see any improvements that we can make!